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Free to not use Pronouns


John Stonestreet

Virginia school teacher Peter Vlaming refused to use male pronouns for a biological girl student who identifies as male. So the school board fired him.

Mind you, in an attempt to accommodate, Vlaming gave up using pronouns altogether, choosing to address his students by their chosen names. But that wasn’t good enough.

Vlaming, a Christian, has enlisted the Alliance Defending Freedom to sue the school board for trying to “force him to communicate a message he doesn’t believe: That ‘gender identity, rather than biological reality, fundamentally shapes and defines who we are as humans.’”

Vlaming isn’t out for blood, he just wants his job back.

More cases like this are cropping up all across the country, and more Christians will be forced to make the kind of choice Peter Vlaming faced.

It will only be more difficult if we fail to make the case for religious freedom and why it matters along the way.

A new book by Luke Goodrich “Free to Believe” can help us do just that. Come to to get your copy.


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