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The Point: Gosnell the Movie Changed at least one Heart


John Stonestreet

Exposing evil is sometimes necessary.

The movie about “house of horrors” abortionist Kermit Gosnell opened in early October. The film had a rocky road even getting to the big screen, and it fought plenty of politically correct roadblocks, but “Gosnell” was a top 10 movie during its opening week.

According to WORLD magazine, it also changed a heart or two. Soon after seeing the film, college student Kathy Zhu announced on Twitter, “Yesterday, I was pro-choice… Today, I’m pro-life.” “Gosnell”was what opened Kathy’s eyes to the “horrors of loopholes in late-term abortion” and showed her the pro-life movement’s true cause: saving human lives. Before, the unborn were just fetuses to her but, she says, the movie “made the children … have a voice, even though they don’t.”

My guess is that there are other stories like Kathy Zhu’s. “Gosnell” is a hard movie to watch, but please see it. And share it with others, especially those of your friends and family that need a change of heart on abortion.

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