The Point

The Point: Living Well, Living Long?

A recent TED talk was just full of ancient wisdom. The presenter was talking about how to live to be 100—as people do with greater frequency in Sardinia, Okinawa, and in the Seventh Day Adventist community of Loma Linda, California. What do these long-living people have in common? They have a sense of purpose (think Proverbs 29, “without a vision the people perish”). They eat wisely, (think not letting their bellies be their gods as Paul cautioned the Philippians), consuming lots of vegetables (remember Daniel in Babylon). Even having a little wine, as Paul advised Timothy. But remarkably, the talk really focused on faith, family, and community. Prayer time, surrounding yourself with good people, and especially investing in lifetime associations with friends and a community of faith—all of this can add years to your life. Why is this true? Because we’re designed for fellowship with one another and with God. You might call it God’s plan for human flourishing. For long life. Even more, for eternal life.  


John Stonestreet


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