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The Point: Marriage: No Experience Required


John Stonestreet

Yes, we can help marriage last.

Every so often a study comes along that makes you say, “duh.” The Institute for Family Studies found Americans who were only physically intimate with their spouses were most likely to describe their marriages as “very happy.” Those with six or more partners before their spouse were least happy in marriage.

“Contrary to conventional wisdom,” says sociologist Bradford Wilcox, “when it comes to sex, less experience is better, at least for the marriage.” Waiting for and committing to one person forever offers the best chance at lasting love.

Now, this isn’t the story our culture tells us. Whether its popular movies, TV shows, songs and even books, they all promote an image about sex that’s simply not true.

No marriage is perfect, of course, and God can always redeems and restores sexually broken lives. But even the statistics tell us that we were not made for promiscuity. The “good life” that entertainment offers us is a lie. The abundant life God offers us isn’t.

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