The Point

The Point: No Safe Space at Christian Colleges


John Stonestreet

There’s no safe space, folks.

You’ve heard of “safe spaces” on college campuses, where delicate students can escape ideas that challenge their liberal beliefs?

Well, when Christian parents think of safe spaces for their students, they often think of Christian colleges. Places where their children won’t be exposed to the worst of the sexual revolution, trendy theology, etc.

Well folks, think again. More and more, as I speak at Christian colleges, I encounter students who tell me their professors are getting squishy—and some caving—on biblical morality. Especially on issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

It sounds shocking, but I’ve heard it from professors themselves. More and more, a fuzzy emphasis on “love” and personal experience is replacing biblical teaching and two millennia of Christian tradition.

So beware, parents. If your child is headed to a Christian college, do your homework. Find out where the college stands, where the faculty stands—whether with Scripture, or with the culture.


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