The Point

The Point: PC Cannibalism

African-American Actor Terry Crews has been a vocal supporter of many progressive causes for years. You’d think if anyone would be safe from so-called “woke” callout culture on Twitter, it would be this guy. Think again. Crews recently tweeted that fathers and mothers give different kinds of love, and that children need both. The backlash against this heresy was swift and merciless, and Crews deleted the offending tweet and apologized profusely...which of course wasn’t good enough for many. One writer at Teen Vogue called Crews’ beliefs “toxic” and said they support “violence.” The solution she suggested was “comprehensive political education” for celebrities. Increasingly, the politically correct are eating their own. Just believing that moms and dads aren't interchangeable—something obviously true, by the way—is condemned as toxic and unacceptable—requiring re-education. It’s also Orwellian. This isn’t how truth wins. It’s how those in the grip of lies suppress the truth.


John Stonestreet


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