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The Point: PhD-Level Peer Pressure

More than 1,000 doctoral scientists have signed the Discovery Institute’s “Scientific Dissent from Darwinism” to express their skepticism in the ability of random mutation and natural selection to produce life’s complexities. They’re calling for re-examination of the evidence behind Darwin’s theory. But as one Discovery Institute fellow says, the number of signers is probably just a fraction of the total number of dissenters from Darwinism. Many stay silent because declaring dissent is the equivalent of career suicide. As Julie Borg writes at WORLD Magazine, “secular science makes it nearly impossible for researchers who don’t buy [Darwinism] to publish their work in peer-reviewed journals, no matter how credible and scientifically rigorous it may be.” It appears that in science as in culture, any opinion is okay as long as it doesn’t challenge the dominant view. Kudos to those scientists who have chosen to resist professional peer pressure and pursue truth. For more on Discovery Institute’s “A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism,” come to, click on The Point, and I’ll link you to it.


John Stonestreet


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