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The Point: The Colson Fellows Program: Time to Apply


John Stonestreet

Every commentary, webinar, short course, article, and program of the Colson Center is designed to offer clarity on the culture from a Christian worldview.

But the goal isn’t just to think clearly. It’s to live redemptively. The deepest dive we offer into Christian worldview is the Colson Fellows Program.

Colson Fellows study with us for nine months through distance learning, webinars, and in-person residencies. The program equips Christians to confidently approach culture with biblical clarity.

Colson Fellows also work with mentors to develop a 3-year plan for action and ministry. Colson fellows have taken their Christian worldview training to state legislatures, board rooms, schools, medical research, prisons, churches, businesses, racial reconciliation efforts, the arts—in other words, in every area of life.

About 235 Fellows who have studied with us this year will be commissioned at the Wilberforce Weekend. We are now accepting applications for our next class. Don’t wait; the deadline to apply is June 1. Learn more at


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