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The Point: The Dutch Benjamin Button


John Stonestreet

When the slope is slippery… this happens.

According to current gender ideologies, sex and gender are fluid and changeable, even legally speaking. In what is, of course, the next logical step, a 69-year old Dutch businessman has asked to legally change his age, reducing it by 20 years. The reason, he says, is that his age is cramping his dating prospects.

This Dutch Casanova says that because he’s got the face, body, and attitude of a younger man, and because people in his country are allowed to legally change their sex, he should be allowed to legally change his birthday!

Let’s think about this… If anything, sex and gender are more fundamental to a person’s identity than their age. Given enough time and God’s blessing, I’ll eventually be 69-years-old, but I will never turn into a woman.

I hope the Dutch judge will tell this guy that age is a fact, not a feeling. But if he does, it’s going to be tough to explain why our new ideas about sex and gender don’t apply to other aspects of who we are, like our age.


Image: YouTube


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