The Point

The Point: The Duty to Live


John Stonestreet

We worship God with our life.

Last spring, an elderly Oregon couple facing terminal illnesses died by physician-assisted suicide. They said that their faith told them “not to worship life. It’s the quality of life that counts.”

I agree, we shouldn’t worship life, only God alone. But so-called “quality of life” is one of modernity’s cruelest idols. Those who worship at its altar despair when suffering comes.

And it demands allegiance. The so-called “right to die” because of so-called “quality of life” quickly becomes a duty to die—especially for those who have a disability, mental illness, or an otherwise inconvenient life, and fail to meet that so-called “standard of quality.”

The apostle Paul says we are to honor God with our bodies, even when those bodies are racked with pain.

As Joni Eareckson Tada explains, “your gutsy choice to face suffering head-on” gives others the strength to go on.

Joni will speak more about this at our Wilberforce Weekend. I hope you’ll join us. Visit


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