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The “Science” of Stereotyping


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

NBC news recently ran a story about a psychology professor at the University of Washington who, after interviewing 317 so-called transgender children – ages three to twelve – about which toys and clothing they prefer, concluded that transgender kids can show, at a very young age, a strong preference for things that align more closely with their chosen gender.


I’m confused. Aren’t we over gender stereotyping? Aren’t we supposed to think gender is only a social construct? But suddenly, every little boy who likes pink is really female, and every little girl who likes Tonka Trucks is actually male. Even beyond the stereotyping, the idea that a child at three can claim he or she is transgender without having parents who have insisted upon it is not only fanciful, it’s destructive.


Clearly, this is a case of ideology wrapping itself in the mantle of science. It’s so obvious, I might’ve laughed – if real children weren’t being harmed.


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