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There Are Pre-existing Conditions to This Cultural Moment – BreakPoint This Week

BreakPoint's Weekly Round-up of News from a Christian perspective


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

There are deaths from despair and acts of desperation that mark this cultural moment. Some are lacking peace, and many are struggling to find hope from our cultural institutions and leaders. John Stonestreet invites Maria Baer to discuss the challenges we and our loved ones face currently. The two also identify how the Christian worldview offers great perspective and encompassing hope to participate in our modern world.

John and Maria also visit the role of family and the challenges to thin society. Maria highlights that some might call a challenging person ‘toxic’. In doing this many will avoid seeking restoration. John highlights how this thinking has flowed downstream and is greatly impacting how Christians live in Church, culture, and even our own families.

To close, John spends significant time discussing the persecution of Christians around the world. He notes Open Doors’ World Watch List, an orderly explanation and ranking of persecution across the globe.



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