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This Cultural Moment and God’s Capital “S” Story


John Stonestreet

On Saturday we witnessed a spectacular human achievement when SpaceX and NASA successfully sent astronauts to the International Space Station.

Yet just days before, the world witnessed the horrific killing of George Floyd, and then protests of hurting and disillusioned Americans, and then shocking lawlessness filling the streets of burning and looted cities.

In other words, we can launch men into space but still cannot cure the human heart.

Thank God the story of this cultural moment is only one part of a larger story. The day after SpaceX launched astronauts and in the midst of both protests and riots, many Christians celebrated Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was given to Christ’s first followers. Immediately, they preached repentance and the resurrection across tribal lines—a foreshadowing of Revelation 7, when the redeemed from all nations are united before the throne of God.

In the chaos of tribal division, evil, and injustice, may God bring reconciliation, justice, and healing.


Image: YouTube


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