Trans-identifying Man Steals From Woman Again

When law enforcement is blinded by harmful ideologies, citizens are robbed of justice.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

Trans-identifying men have stolen a lot from women in recent years, and the other week, the world learned that former Department of Energy official Sam Brinton had literally stolen from Tanzanian female fashion designer, Asya Khamsin.  

After learning about Brinton’s serial stealing through Fox News, the Tanzanian fashion icon tweeted a series of pictures featuring Brinton wearing outfits identical to those worn by her female fashion models. The luggage carrying the dresses and jewelry went missing at Reagan National Airport in 2018.  

Back in September, rather than enforcing the law and punishing an act of theft, a Minneapolis judge released Brinton without bail, after he was caught stealing over $2,000 worth of luggage. Does anyone think that a woman who was caught stealing luggage would have been let off so easily? The central purpose of the state is to secure justice, but when law enforcement is blinded by harmful ideologies, that is another thing stolen from its citizens. 


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