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John Stonestreet

David Carlson

How did we get to a place where a federal judge can demand that biological males be called females? Or sitting governors can call abortion “life sustaining”? Or politicians claim to have their own facts?

We no longer disagree on what is true; we disagree on what truth itself is. How this culture lost any concept of objective truth, why it matters, and how we Christians can recapture a vision of truth for ourselves and the culture is the theme of the opening module of the Truth.Love.Together. virtual event… which is available today!

Os Guinness begins with a session describing the “The Roots of (our) Present Crisis,” Sean McDowell follows with a session called, “What Happened to Truth?”; and Abdu Murray teaches on “Loving Truth in a Post-Truth World.” In a special bonus session, Natasha Crain offers a wonderful session on “Teaching Your Kids Truth in a Noisy World.”

Over 8,500 people have signed up for this on demand, on-line event. And it’s absolutely free.

Come to to register today.


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