Universities Are Not Educating

Ignorance on college campuses is on full display with protesters admitting they don’t know what they’re protesting.  


John Stonestreet

Glenn Sunshine

The word “education” comes from Latin roots meaning “to lead out.” Of what? Well, frankly, ignorance.  

The ineffectiveness of much higher education to do that is on full display in the anti-Israeli protests on elite college campuses. Many of our “best and brightest,” both faculty and students, support Hamas, a terrorist organization whose charter calls for the extermination of Jews.  

Pamphlets at these rallies inform students that “Freedom for Palestine Means Death to America,” and many students embrace the sentiment without a thought of what that would mean for them personally. They demonstrate “tolerance” by telling Jewish students to return to Poland, making human chains to block them from the encampments, and in some cases, physically assaulting them 

In perhaps the ultimate example of the results of our modern educational system, two Columbia students who joined a protest at NYU were asked what NYU was doing that they were protesting. One said she didn’t know. The other said she wished she were better educated.  

The rest of us do too. 


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