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Unmasking Free Speech | 2021 Year in Review


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

**The following is a review of one of the top stories of 2021**

Like every other student in America, Mississippi third-grader Lydia Booth has to wear a face mask to school. But when Lydia donned her favorite mask, with the words “Jesus loves me” on it, school officials forced her to remove the mask and threatened her with suspension if she wore it again.

As the Alliance Defending Freedom points out, students in Lydia’s school were wearing masks with all kinds of messages, from Black Lives Matter to sport-team logos to images and brands. Yet school officials singled out Lydia, and then created a policy banning masks with religious, political, or “offensive” messages.

The policy that clearly violates a students’ right to free speech, so ADF has now filed a federal suit on Lydia’s behalf. To stand with Lydia, you can request a “Jesus Loves Me” mask produced by Revelation Media. Proceeds will be used to help ADF protect Lydia’s rights and all of ours.


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Request your “Jesus Loves Me” mask

Revelation Media | 2021

Christian Student Forbidden From Wearing “Jesus Loves Me” Face Mask

Alliance Defending Freedom | YouTube | February 8, 2021


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