Vaccine Requirements for Euthanasia?


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Recently, a Switzerland-based euthanasia clinic posted that, going forward, anyone seeking so-called “death with dignity” must be fully vaccinated first. 

It isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. They aren’t saying you have to be healthy before they kill you. Instead, they’re taking precautions for the sake of the people who provide “assistance in dying.” They don’t want patients infecting the medical professionals tasked with killing them. 

Even so, there’s plenty of tragic ironies here. For two years now, we’ve been talking about “doing what it takes” to save lives in the face of Covid. “If it saves just one life” then, we were told, that the masks, the mandates, and the lockdowns were all worth it. At the same time, proponents of doctor-assisted dying tell us that people should have full autonomy over death. 

Inconsistencies like these remind us that as much as we suppress eternity in our hearts, it’s still there. Even when our worldviews deny it, life is a wonderful gift of God, and dignity is intrinsic to who He has made us to be.


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