Wedded Bliss Is True, Not Trendy

Studies show that married couples are the most satisfied with their personal lives.


John Stonestreet

Yet another study has suggested that Americans are less satisfied with their personal lives, with one exception: married couples. According to a recent study published by Gallup, while less than half (47%) of Americans in general were satisfied with their personal lives, over half (57%) of married couples reported feeling very satisfied. That’s nearly 20 percentage points higher than their non-married counterparts.  

Of course, this report does not mean that marriage is the only way to be happy and satisfied, or that a single life cannot be beautiful, meaningful, and happy. It often is.  

Still, the truth about marriage should be told, given the popular narrative that marriage leads to misery, the record low number of young adults getting married, and the current push to mainstream “nonmonogamy” as good and healthy.   

Not every institution should be revised for our modern ideas. The people most satisfied with their lives are those old-fashioned married couples, because this is as God intended it.  


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