What Would You Say?

Why Vote?


Joseph Backholm

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Why vote? Politics are ugly, and God is sovereign no matter who is in office.”

What would you say?

It’s true that God is always in charge. Scripture is clear that nothing can ultimately derail God’s plan. But does that mean we don’t need to care about what happens in government?

No, and here are three reasons why:

First, freedom isn’t normal. What we enjoy as Americans is a gift. Squandering gifts isn’t trust, it’s ungratefulness.

Second, governments, like everything, require maintenance. We should vote for the same reason we mow our lawn. Things get worse if we don’t.

Third, well-maintained governments make life better for everyone. Voting isn’t simply a duty, it’s a chance to tangibly improve other people’s lives. When we have those chances, we should take them.


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