Worldview Essentials: Grounding our Faith in the Bible

A Special Colson Center "Crash Course" Presentation by Sean McDowell


John Stonestreet

Just last week the Colson Center held a five-day online crash-course on Christian worldview. Our Wednesday guest was Christian apologist Sean McDowell, who spoke on the reliability of Scripture. Can we trust the Bible?

Sean tackles the question from three angles: First, the character test. Do the authors of the Bible write with honesty? Are they seeking to tell the truth? Second, the copy test: What proof do we have that the Bible we know today is substantially the same as its earliest manuscripts? Third, the corroboration test. What ancient sources can we find that corroborate much of what the Bible says?

Note that during his talk, Sean refers to a power point presentation. Just click here to follow along.

View Our Special “Crash Course” series on Culture and Worldview

Sean’s was one of five talks given last week during our online “Crash Course” on Christian Worldview and Culture. Brett Kunkle and I led the other four sessions on Why Worldview Matters, Why Culture Matters, Issues with Technology, and the legacy of the sexual revolution.

All those sessions are available to you, for free. All you have to do is register here. Once you do, we’ll send you links to the 5 sessions along with numerous resources on the topics.

Download the MP3 audio of today’s BreakPoint Podcast here.


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