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You Can Pray in Public School



John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last week, the Governor of Ohio signed the Student Religious Liberties Act, which protects the rights of public-school students in the state to hold prayer meetings before or after class, and to incorporate their faith – Christian or otherwise – into class assignments.

This is the kind of bill that shouldn’t be necessary. After all, the First Amendment protects all speech, and public schools cannot treat religious students or faith-based clubs any different than the others. The stories, however, of students who’ve been mistreated, make me thankful for this new Ohio law, which has been passed in ten other states as well.

Political progressives have weaponized the phrase “separation of church and state” for too long. The next time you hear that phrase thrown around, just remember that it’s designed to protect those who express faith; not those who don’t want others to express faith.


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