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Your Church Needs You


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

As the Coronavirus pandemic drags on, and our time inside increases, churches are finding creative ways to stay in touch with members. Congregations are adapting and innovating, moving not just Sunday services but kids’ ministries, books clubs, youth groups, and small groups online.

But here’s a wise word of caution: Don’t think that church can now really be done online. We may be tempted to replace our local church with a video of our favorite celebrity pastor on Sunday mornings, or maybe with our favorite Christian podcast, now during the pandemic or, even worse, once we are free to go outside again.

If ever there were a time to laser-focus on our local communities, especially our local church, it’s now. Remember, #quarantine won’t last forever. Don’t neglect your local church family. Stay connected. Check in with your pastor and other church members. God willing, we will be back in those pews soon enough.


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